2011 Crufts 10521231_757093957690284_8121015446140

  Meg:   "Ch Spinneyhill Nutmeg for Pasharif"

 (Falconcrag Valente of Veredon x Ch Spinneyhill Genevieve at Turnstone)

 CS 2010 Meg advert-1 2011 EAWC 3rd CC Davies1488 2011 EAWC10 Bitch line up

EAWC 2011: Left "Tension" hoping that Meg will win

her 3rd CC. Above very happy as Meg gains her 3rd CC,

Champion Status & Best Bitch under Judge Mr John Foster



2011 WOTY Davies799 2011WOTY Davies821

Meg competing in The 2011 WOTY

 2011 CruftsIMG_4624 copy 2011 Crufts3  (535)

                      Below Crufts 2011: Judge Mr Magnus Hagsted.

  A very memorable day when Meg won RCC in a huge quality bitch entry

2011 Bath_P0Q3049-1 2008 crufts limit_bitches 2010 Bhamcid_tie_8CD27E265B49D6C_13FC_1781 copy


 2011 Bath Champ Show               2010 Birmingham National              2008 Crufts Limit Bitch

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