Afghan Hounds

                                                  Ir Ch Yawl Pasharif

I was active in the breed in the 1960s and 1970s. I owe a lot to a wonderful little dog

called Azif. He was a combination of V.D.O.M. and Carloway breeding and the type that

I so admired. I quote from an article I wrote “Azif was small in stature but huge in spirit.  

He was a perfectly balanced little dog with huge feet, correct coat pattern, ring tail , short coupled and with typical head and outlook. He was wild and independent in spirit and could escape over the highest fencing. He cost me lots of money and anxiety but I still miss him…"


Mary_Yawl&Phantasy YawlPasharif_BIS_AHSNI

Above Azif after winning C.C. and B.O.B. at his first English Ch show & B.I.S . at the A.H.S.N.I.



Azif (on my right) at the first race meeting in Ireland.

ChCihelaClarkia ChMalcasMinerva

                    Ch Cihela Clarkia                                                    Ch Malcas Minerva

ChPindari1 Pindari2

Ch Pasharif Pindari

Pathan Pepperpot PhlyingDutchman

Pasharif Pathan

       Above: Pasharif Pepperpot

Below: Phlying Dutchman of Pasharif

ChPashtuKhan ChPashtuKhan_Windsor

          Other successful hounds were :

              Ch Pasharif Pashtu Khan,

   seen here winning at Windsor Ch Show

BlackMagic_Pisces Pherida2 PhelezziPhadda PollyAnna

Above: Black Magic of Pasharif & Pisces of Pasharif                    Pasharif Phelezzi Phada    


Below: Pasharif Pollyanna                                                             Pasharif Pherida                                                          

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Below are some of Yawl Pasharif's most successful progeny